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Japanese skin care products from Shodoshima farmWe deliver the best quality olive oil based cosmetic from Japan. Please refer to "Shipping Info" for delivery information details on shipping time and cost etc.

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Our Beauty Olive Oil
  • Is it not sticky?
  • One of the main components of olive oil and a natural oil in one's skin, oleic acids are easily absorbed by the skin within 10-15minutes. After being absorbed, your skin will feel smooth.
  • Why won't it absorb well into the skin?
  • A) Using the toner or lotion with high moisturizing quality before applying the oil
    Usually, beauty olive oils are used after applying toner but alternate to see difference.

    B) When skin is dry and hardened.
    Sometimes water should be added to get the oil absorbed. Mix with toner. Apply after shower when the skin is softer and more moist.

    C) When there are pore-clogging
    Use oil facial mask -> apply olive oil and warm face with hot towels. Gently massage and wash away.
    Use peeling gel -> exfoliate

  • Will I get oil burns (dullness in skin)/ sun burns?
  • A)About Sunburns
    Applying olive oils will not cause sunburns. It will protect your skin so it is recommended to use during summer time.
    But it does not prevent the skin from sunburns, so recommended to use sunscreen as well. Apply olive oil before using sun screen to prevent skin dryness.

    B) About Oil burns (dullness in skin)
    There is no need to worry about oil burns.
    So called oil burns come from using low refined mineral oil, which irritates the skin and increase melanin, causing dullness in skin, wrinkles and dermal stains.
    The image comes from bad quality mineral oils that were used by some manufactures just after the end of WWII.
    The mineral oils used these days are finely refined and are safe.

    Esthetic olive oils are finely refined (low acid) and are stable. It does not hurt the skin so it is oil burn free. (essential and extra are not refined but acidity is low when freshly squeezed )

  • Can I use if I have atopic allergy?
  • Olive oil components are gentle and are very close to that of human skin oil. It also eases itchiness so please give it a try, especially in places where your skin is dry. If your skin has hardened, it might be difficult for the oil to be absorbed so use water together with olive oil. Caution is advised when applying on bleeding parts or wounds as it is not medicinal. Please note that as it is difficult to determine the cause of atopic allergy, we cannot guarantee our product is safe for everyone.
  • Can your product be used for babies?
  • Our product is gentle on the skin so it can be used on babies.
  • Can we eat and digest your products?
  • As it is 100% natural olive oil, there is no immediate threat, but we sell our products under cosmetic laws so we cannot endorse you to eat them. We do highly recommend you use them on your lips.
  • Is the Beauty Olive Oil organic?
  • Unfortunately they are not organic, but the impurities are processed out so they are gentle on the skin and very safe.
  • What is the difference between cosmetic oil and edible oil?
  • The difference is in the degree of refining.
    Edible pure olive oils add extra virgin oil to refined olive oils.
    Beauty olive olive oils are refined so you will not smell odors, they are more smooth and easily absorbed in the skin.
    Also esthetic olive oils have their impurities rid so it is easy on the skin.
    There are protocols in Japan for cosmetic oils. Only oils that pass the protocols can be sold in the market.
    Beauty olive oil focuses on skin permeability, irritation, and usage. If you use edible oil on your skin, polyphenol might react causing rash or heaviness, so it is advised to use accordingly.
  • What is the difference between Inoue Seikoen Products and others?
  • We have pursued the best olive farms that create the highest quality olive oils so that we can provide an abundance of the safest and the most easy to use products for our customers.

    Different olive oils are made when using olives from different region, specie, weather, oil pressing, and producing.
    Out of the many, we have carefully chosen the safest olive oil from the producers point of view. We feel we understand what to look for in olive oils so the products that we deliver to your homes are the best qualities.

  • My skin got red after using the esthetic olive oils
  • Main component of olive oil is oleic acid. Usually it has low skin irritation and olive oils are safe and edible products but rarely there are customers who might have redness or itchiness in their skin. Polyphenol might be the cause of this. Esthetic olive oils are finely refined olive oils so the polyphenol is minimal but might cause some reaction.
    For female customers, hormonal balance might have had an effect but are temporary. Please try stop using the product for a while and or use them in hands and feet where the skin is more tough.
  • Dermal stains increased
  • Cause of dermal stains:
    1. Internal factor: Female hormones
    2. External factor: Dermal stains can come from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Dermal stains happen over time. There is no evidence to prove that olive oils cause skin stains over night.
    When your skin is softened and metabolisms become higher, the heightened skin transparency might reveal the stains (pigments) that was lying underneath.
Our Peeling Gel
  • How dirt is removed from skin
  • Sebum dirt in the keratin is composed of amino acids.
    The amino acids react to peeling gel components (fiber components), absorbs, and solidifies becoming skin peels.
    skin peels are not keratins or dead skin cells but the fiber components of the peeling gels so it will appear no matter how many times you apply them. (As your skin requires some natural oil, peeling too many times might cause your skin to feel dry. ) The reason your skin feels smooth is due to the glycerin absorbed deep into your skin from massaging.

    How to use / Cautions
    ・Please refrain from massaging near your eyes as your skin around your eyes are delicate.
    ・Do not rub but gently massage.
    ・Treatment can be used up to 3 times a week, and use every other day according to your skin condition. (Once a week can be fine)
    ・Treatment can be used in the morning or at night but please wipe your hands and face before using. (A little water left is okay as the product is bath friendly). Applying too much can cause less crumbling or might take more time for skin peel to form. (takes more time for oil and amino acid to react)
    If you have succeeded in using our sample but not our regular product, please try using less. Peeling gels can be used not just for your face but on your neck. It can also be used for your heel, elbow and knee. (Using esthetic olive oil to soften the keratin beforehand is recommended)

  • Will more peel form after using peeling gels?
  • Peeling gels intertwine with keratins in the vellus hair and might form skin peel.
  • Do you use any alcohol?
  • No alcohol is used.
  • Preservatives
  • Our Peeling Gel does not use preservatives. (but uses activators). As the ingredient is PH2.5 (i.e. acid), no germs will grow.
Our Olive Soap
  • How boiling pot produced soap is made?
  • Boiled in pot for 100hours! This is our boiling pot process.
    Olive oil and other ingredients are added to soaps premade in the soap pots. By adding salt, impurities sink and soap floats up to the surface. (this process is called "salting-out").
    The top layer is called neat soap which is to become the base of our soaps. The Boiling Pot Soaps are produced by repeating this process many times thus refining and creating high quality products.
Our Olive Oil Shampoo
  • For customers that dye their hair.
  • If you dye your hair using home care products.
    -> The chances of color coming off your hair might increase.

    If you dye your hair at professional hair salons.
    Hair coloring (dye inside hair) -> color will not easily come off. There is no need to worry.
    Hair manicure (dye outside hair) -> color might come off easily.

    Olive shampoo has a tendency to take off synthesized components.
    Hair manicures coats only the surface of a hair, making it vulnarable for dye to stay for a long time.
    Also henna, known as a natural shampoo might also easily come off so please be careful.

  • For normal hair dye used at hair salon the color should not easily come off.
  • We have had only few customers who commented saying their dye came off. In fact, it comes off as nomal shampoo also take some color off of your dyed hair. We have added this statement here as there might be a chance that some dye agents might not react well with natural ingredients thus causing colors to come off. Also making a shampoo where the colors will not come off means we must add synthesized components which we feel is not in the best interest of our products or our customers.
    Feeling stiffness in hair after using shampoo.
    Our products are not added with hair smoothing ingredients surfactants so at first you might feel stiffness in your hair. But using the product for sometime (preferably over a month), your skin and hair will have become healthier and the stiffness will subside.
    The time for this to happen varies. For some it might happen right after using, for some it may take more than 2-3 months.
    Quality of hair, damage to hair, usage of dye and permanent chemicals will make a difference in the way your hair might feel.
  • Does not form foam well
  • The product has cleaning components but no foaming agents are added. Rest assured, the dirt is cleaned off even if the soap does not form foams.
    We recommend washing twice.
    For those who have a hard time forming foam, the cuticles in your hair might be damaged. So if the shampoo does not form foam, it maybe a sign that your hair has some damages.
  • Why olive oil is highly added
  • To maintain healthy hair, we must not just wash our hair but treat our scalp and hair roots as well.
    Normal shampoo are too strong and might damage your scalp and hair roots in daily use, causing hair loss.
    On the other hand, shampoo made from olive oil is composed of oleic acid, which fits well with your skin, not damaging your skin and can be used daily. As a result, new and healthy hair will grow, bringing nutrients to the tip and creating a glowing hair.
  • Why don't I need to use conditioners? Can I use conditioners?
  • Olive oil shampoo does not include conditioners.
    The normal "conditioners" wash away synthesized shampoo cleansing components, therefore has coating chemicals.
    Also to soften and to prevent static electricity, plus ion surfactants become the main ingredient.
    Olive oil shampoo is all natural so it is gentle on the skin and has natural moisturizing (coating) effect so there is no need to use conditioners afterwards.
  • Will the product prevent dandruffs?
  • Dandruffs are caused by the cornification of old skin cells, so if you have more dandruffs than others, one of two factors might be the cause.
    External factor (usage of strong cleansing shampoo) and or internal factor (diet).
    For external factors, using olive oil shampoo might help prevent dandruff. But when first using, the dirt on the surface might peal off thus creating more dandruffs. If you can endure this time, the dandruff will subside. (but as we mentioned there are internal factors and other various factors so the effect might not be 100%)
  • Cautions
  • Using hard water might make it difficult to form foam.
  • I felt itchy using the shampoo.
  • If you are used to using synthesized shampoo, you may react differently to natural shampoo. This may lead to itching sensations.
    Your body might not go well with natural shampoo. In this case our shampoo unfortunately might not be for you.
  • Small white (or black) substance were left in my comb after using the olive oil shampoo.
  • The white substance may be grease.
    Soap agents go into damaged cuticles but will not be washed away completely. For many synthesized shampoo, there are coating agents so the cleansing agents are easily washed away.
    As the synthesized components are washed away, clean pours are replaced naturally by grease. If you feel your hair is oily right after shampooing, this might be the case.
    It may take some time for improvements.
    If you use normal shampoo, the problem might be solved, but this does not resolve the fundamental problem. This will be up to you. Our product unfortunately might not be compatible with your physical constitution.
Our Sun Block Milky Liquid
  • What is ultraviolet ray? About "UV-A" "UV-B"
  • Ultraviolet ray is a part of sunray. (unlike the visible light like red, yellow, green, blue, violet ultraviolet rays are have short wave length and are not visible).
    There are three types of ultraviolet rays according to their wave length. "UV-A", "UV-B", and "UV-C".
  • "UV-A" (Ultraviolet Radiation A) - everyday ultraviolet
  • UV-A dominates 90% of all ultraviolet. Permeable to cloud and glass windows. UVA can reach the dermis, effecting its collagen, leading to wrinkles and sagging of the skin.
    Suntans are said to be caused by UV-A.
    "UV-C" are the most dangerous but it is mostly absorbed in the ozone layer and does not reach earth so we do not have to worry about them so much.
  • "UV-B" (Ultraviolet Radiation B)
  • Strong in energy, UV-B is said to be the cause of sun burns and blisters if skin is exposed to the sun for a long time. UV-B damages the surface cells of your skin, causing inflammation, and might cause skin cancer or pigmented spots in the long run.
  • What does "SPF○○" and "PA" mean?
  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) =the degree in which skin is protected from UV-B. Max is SPF50.
    (Example: If the tanning is delayed by 20 times then it is labeled SPF20. )
    For example, a person who gets a tan in 20 minutes, can delay gettng tan approximately 6 hours and a half by apply cosmetics with effect of SPF20. However, the time to get the tan depends on the each person.

    PA (Protection Grade of UVA) = Skin protection grade in 4 categories.
    PA + "has effect"
    PA ++ "has medium effect"
    PA +++ "has strong effect"
    PA ++++ "has extreme effect"