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Japanese skin care products from Shodoshima farmWe deliver the best quality olive oil based cosmetic from Japan. Please refer to "Shipping Info" for delivery information details on shipping time and cost etc.

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Company Profile
Registered name Agricultural production corporation Inoue Seikoen, Limited
Address 2352 Ikeda Shodoshima-cho Shozu-gun Kagawa-ken 761-4395 Japan
Phone number +81-879-75-0063
Owner Tomohiro Inoue
Capital 3 million yen
Founded in March 1940
Established in June 1997
Type of business Cultivation, process, and sales of olives and citrus fruits.
(Growing olives and citrus fruits in about 102,000㎡ cultivation area.
With sales mainly on olive oil products for cooking and cosmetic purposes, we grow, process, and sell our products in a single chain of work.)
Cultivation area ・Citrus farm: about 36,000㎡
・Olive farm: about 66,000㎡