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Japanese skin care products from Shodoshima farmWe deliver the best quality olive oil based cosmetic from Japan. Please refer to "Shipping Info" for delivery information details on shipping time and cost etc.

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  • Iyokan (citrus iyo) Olive Oil
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Peeling Gel

30% Off now! Peels off dead skin cells and impurities trapped deep within pores. It is a "cleansing gel for your skin."

Price:57.00 SGD  (currency converter)
Neck Massage Oil

Beauty oil specially for neck which contains 5 kinds of fruits oil has citrus fragrance for relax.

Price:52.50 SGD  (currency converter)

Essential Olive Oil

“Essential Olive Oil” is the embodiment of our experiences of farming over 70 years in Shodoshima, Japan.

Price:220.00 SGD  (currency converter)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every drop of olive oil is made from olives hand picked, carefully selected and pressed by the olive farmer in Shodoshima.

Price:72.80 SGD  (currency converter)

Iyokan (citrus iyo) Olive Oil

Plant-derived beauty oil made only with blessing of citrus and olives.

Price:138.00 SGD  (currency converter)

Beauty Olive Oil

100% natural Beauty Olive Oil selected by Shodoshima olive farmers.

Price:25.00 SGD  (currency converter)

UV Lotion SPF48++++

It is a sun block with strong protection against ultraviolet.

Price:49.70 SGD  (currency converter)
Olive Soap

Enriched with glycerin, this soap leaves a smooth texture after washing your skin so it does not cause any irritation to your skin.

Price:11.90 SGD  (currency converter)

Natural Skin Lotion

When used with this Natural Skin Lotion, your skin can absorb the olive oil more effectively and it will moisturize much more.

Price:49.70 SGD  (currency converter)
Moisture Skin Gel

With natural moisturizing ingredients from citrus and olive oil, it retains your skin moisture.

Price:39.90 SGD  (currency converter)

Massage Cleansing Olive Oil

Natural Cleansing oil with only 6 ingredients by olive farmer

Price:105.70 SGD  (currency converter)
Cleansing Olive Oil

Contains 40% of extra virgin olive oil.

Price:57.00 SGD  (currency converter)

Face Lotion Seikisui

The lotion is not too sticky and its application is good for healing damaged skin. Fresh Face Lotion is particulary good for summer.

Price:46.90 SGD  (currency converter)
Inoue Seikoen Moisture Cream

Made with precious olives and citrus fruits grown in rich soil of our farm.

Price:253.40 SGD  (currency converter)

Olive Oil Shampoo

As you continue to use, you feel the better result on your scalp. It revives the natural beauty of hair.

Price:42.70 SGD  (currency converter)

Natural Shampoo

Improves hair dryness and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

Price:48.30 SGD  (currency converter)

Natural Treatment

Repairs damaged hairs and recover your natural glowing ones.

Price:48.30 SGD  (currency converter)
Hair oil Tsuyako

Perfect for caring dry hair

Price:33.60 SGD  (currency converter)

Beauty Ball Citrus Olive Oil

New style! Every time fresh beauty care for clear skin

Price:45.50 SGD  (currency converter)
Olive Skincare Travel Set

This trial set is a good to start if you would like to try our olive cosmetic goods.

Price:25.00 SGD  (currency converter)

Beauty Face Cream

Enriched with olive oil, it easily penetrates to your skin and protect from dryness.

Price:72.80 SGD  (currency converter)
UV Hand Cream

Protect your hands from UV with this hand cream SPF32 PA+++

Price:29.80 SGD  (currency converter)

Hand Cream

Rough skin problem vanishes with the power of olive oil and you can feel smoothness on your skin.

Price:20.00 SGD  (currency converter)
Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm with Iyokan Olive Oil

Price:17.50 SGD  (currency converter)

About Us

Inoue Seikoen 's farm in Shodoshima which is located in the Seto Inland Sea and surrounded by vast expanse of nature. There are more than 3,200 olive trees and 14 kinds of citrus grown with great care in the farm.

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